As a result of the CHREATE project, several tools were created to address questions or challenges your organization may be facing. Feel free to use these items for non-commercial purposes to further the discussion of the future of Human Resources at your organization.

Want to help your organization understand the forces of change affecting HR and your organization? 

Download the Forces of Change Learning Map® Facilitator Guide to gain a deeper understanding of the forces and take your organization on the journey with you.

Curious about what HR function roles will be needed to be succeed in the future?

Download the Talent Pipeline Learning Map® Dialogue and Talent Pipeline Roles Sketch to learn about these roles.

Want to engage stakeholders on the future of HR?

Engage the board using this document.

Discuss the challenges and future state with your CEO with this document.

Read up on how to engage investment analysts with these documents.

Need to start hard-wiring HR operations to function in the future? 

Check out these documents on different HR operational topics to give you a headstart.

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