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There is much to be admired about the HR profession and its progress to date.  However, rapid and accelerating change is having and will have a profound impact on the world of work and therefore on the future of the HR profession. There is a very real danger that the HR profession will not be ready to meet these new demands because the rate of change in the world of work is moving faster than the function’s ability to keep pace. Individual attempts at progressing HR will have little impact, but amassing a large community of HR professionals can create a step change in the HR profession.

Through your sponsorship, we can accelerate the progress in four key areas:

  • Align HR with Value Creation for Organizations that Win
  • Shape Expectations of HR’s Key Constituents
  • Rewire The Work and Tools of HR
  • Enhance the HR Talent Pipeline

If you’re interested in sponsoring CHREATE and would like more information please contact Carolyn Rearick.