Welcome To CHREATE

A groundswell of enthusiasm has emerged, to create a movement that will advance the future of the HR profession faster. Beginning in 2013, with a handful of like-minded HR leaders, the CHREATE initiative has attracted over 30 CHROs and other HR leaders. These HR leaders have devoted hundreds of hours of volunteer effort to map how HR must evolve to meet the future challenges in ten years, to identify pivotal initiatives to accelerate that evolution, and to design the actions needed to make the future a reality. The CHREATE initiative is unique in its diversity, its open-source approach, and its emphasis on collective action that goes beyond the fine work of any one institution, to tap the synergies that are possible when we work together. Through the power of open-source collaboration, participant diversity, volunteerism and a unique combination of in-kind and financial resources, we aim to continue and extend the community of senior HR leaders who will reimagine a profession equipped to address the challenges of the future.

CHREATE Background

Our beliefs

There are no proprietary interests or claims that limit the use of what we uncover or create. We make our findings, tools and insights available to anyone, in support of those who share our mission to accelerate HR forward faster. “Open Source” engages more voices, harvests more insights and wisdom, and creates a more broadly shared commitment to our mission.
The vast majority of effort is by volunteer leaders who participate for a unique opportunity to collectively give back to the profession from which they have so richly benefited. CHREATE gathers funds that support the necessary program office and other expenses to coordinate and support the volunteer effort.
Of course our participants work for competitive organizations, are individual thought leaders in their own right, and compete to provide products and services to a common constituency. Their participation in CHREATE enhances their efforts, but CHREATE is a place where we agree to put competitive relationships aside, in order to amplify our efforts through collectivity and collaboration. We focus where we can accomplish more, faster and with fewer resources through collaboration, understanding that we may also compete in other arenas.
There will be “messiness” in a volunteer-driven and inclusive undertaking, and that can be frustrating and uncomfortable at times. This messiness is inherent in our approach. It is essential to build the new ecosystem that accelerates the HR profession and organizational capabilities. It is also increasingly essential to how our organizations must operate, so CHREATE is our opportunity to learn, model and develop those capabilities in ourselves, and to apply them to own organizations and the broader profession. We acknowledge the challenges and discomfort transition evokes. We will practice our skills in change management upon ourselves.
Our findings and tools emerge through agile evolution, including design thinking, adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, continuous improvement, and rapid and flexible change. We understand and embrace that everything is imperfect, and that our results and products are always a starting point for innovation and improvement. Progress is iterative and incremental, with collective input. We strive for practicality and tangibility, balanced with the necessary abstractions needed for innovation and forward thinking.